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Bosch IoT Cloud To Launch Soon, Says Firm’s CEO

Bosch IoT Cloud To Launch Soon, Says Firm’s CEO
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Bosch IoT Cloud To Launch Soon, Says Firm’s CEO

This Wednesday, March 9, Robert Bosch has announced its launching of its own cloud for web-based services which is called the Bosch Internet of Things Cloud or Bosch IoT Cloud.

The launching of the said cloud is part of the firm’s latest step in its German engineering group’s transition from a traditional industrial company to equal parts manufacturer and information technology group reports, The Wall Street Journal.

The first Bosch IoT Cloud will be operated on the company’s computing center near Stuttgart, Germany. It will first be used to run around 50 in-house applications and then will be made available as a service for other companies starting next year. Eventually, there will also be other data centers for Bosch IoT Clouds around the world.

Bosch CEO, Volkmar Denner said on a press release posted on the electronics company’s site, the cloud being placed in Germany is a conscious decision. Denner explains that many companies and consumers are having security concerns which keep them from using cloud technologies and connectivity solutions.

This is what the company’s IoT Cloud answers to. The consumers would like to know that their data will be protected and is secured at all times – a guarantee that Bosch offers. The security will be always state of the art with fundamental legal framework for the cloud based on German and European data-security regulations.

Denner also said, during the Bosch ConnectedWorld conference in Berlin, that the company launching its IoT now offer all the “ace cards for the connected world from a single source. The IoT Cloud is the final piece of the puzzle that completes our software expertise.”

Bosch, according to their statement, is now a “full service provider for connectivity and the internet of things.” Additionally, the company claims that it is the only firm around the world that is active on all three levels of the internet of things.

It has the key technologies that enable connectivity such as sensors and software; it is also developing new services with this as a basis. And now with the Bosch IoT Cloud, it means that the German company has now the relevant infrastructure, which according to Denner, is a “milestone for Bosch.”

Meanwhile Reuters says that the launching of Bosch’s cloud computing network is the German company’s way of taking on its US technology firm rivals such as Amazon, IBM, Google and Microsoft. The cloud service offers to connect up everything from cars to dishwashers, etc. using the internet.

It was also said that Bosch and other traditional German industrial firm have been reported to be looking into transforming their companies form manufacturers of equipment to service providers that will be using the data that their machines will generate.

Currently there are more than five million devices connected through Bosch’s IoT software suite. The Germany based company has not disclosed how much they plan to spend on the cloud but has mentioned that it will be investing about €500 million EUR or $548 million USD annually on new technologies.

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