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Body Of DEAD MERMAID Washed Up On UK Beach! See Photos Here.

Body Of DEAD MERMAID Washed Up On UK Beach! See Photos Here.
Walking down the beach Esparta Palma / Flickr CC


Body Of DEAD MERMAID Washed Up On UK Beach! See Photos Here.

A man has discovered a rotting corpse of a dead mermaid on a British beach! Find out details and photos below.

While people would no doubt love to meet Disney’s princess Ariel in real life, it would certainly be traumatizing to find the remains of her dead body swept up on the beach.

Unfortunately, that is exactly the horrifying imagery Paul Jones happened to encounter when he was strolling down the beach at Great Yarmouth on October 2, Sunday.

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The bizarre-looking dead creature has a fully intact human skull, and its body ends in a fish tail. However, the torso shows signs of decay, so it is impossible to prove if the head and the tail are part of the same body, making it a dead mermaid.

Despite being grossed out, Mr. Jones had the presence of mind to capture the rare sight on his camera, reports Daily Star. He then posted the pictures on Facebook, under the caption “Today at Great Yarmouth we found what looks like a dead Mermaid washed up on the beach.”

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The pictures have since gone viral, viewed and shared by hundreds of people. Conspiracy theorists also lost no time conjuring an array of likely scenarios, all of which points at the dead creature being an actual mermaid.

There are people who are skeptical at jumping into fantastical conclusions, too.

They have pointed out that the East Coast of Britain is known for colonies of seals and that the dead body in Mr. Jones’ picture is that of a former seal somehow conjoined together with a decaying human skeleton.

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Some even commented “RIP Ariel” below the picture, as a throwback to one of the most famous Disney princesses of all time.

According to Mirror, Mr. Jones, a member of the “Horror and Halloween DIY” FB group, could have whipped up a realistic looking model just to grab attention, too!

We at Morning News USA are choosing to leave it to our viewers to judge for themselves. Before you check out the pictures below, be fairly warned – they might be too graphic for some.


Paul Jones


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