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Body Camera Shows Baltimore Cop Purportedly Planting Drugs

Body Camera Shows Baltimore Cop Purportedly Planting Drugs
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Body Camera Shows Baltimore Cop Purportedly Planting Drugs

There has been a lack of trust between the police and civilians in recent years, especially after Black Lives Matter started trending around the world. It looks like things are about to get even worse, now that a video of a Baltimore cop planting drugs at an innocent person’s car has been leaked to the public. Said video happened in January 24 of this year, and is causing a massive outrage right now, with the police trying to calm the public.

According to a report from CNN, Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis called the video “a serious allegation of police misconduct,” saying, “Our investigation will ultimately determine what happened, it will identify if any criminal misconduct took place, any administrative procedures were violated, and we’re determined to get to the bottom of it.” Said video was recorded on the corrupt officer’s body-worn camera, so the video is far from a prank or altered which could cause more uneasiness.

In the aforementioned video, we see the officer placing a plastic bag into a food can, then partially hiding it under a piece of debris. Thirty seconds later the audio begins, and the officer says, “I’m going to check here. Hold on,” as his colleagues laugh, which is disturbing and won’t help matters. The officer then gives a cursory look at other items in the debris-strewn lot and appears to stumble onto the drugs in the can.

Gene Ryan, president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Baltimore’s main police union, urged patience from the masses, which could cause more anger. “I’d love for everyone not to jump to conclusions.” he said, “and wait for the outcome of the investigation. It will all come out.” Considering how we see a police officer plant drugs and hear his colleagues laugh at the eventual arrest of an innocent person, it will be very hard to stay patient.

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