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Bobby Jindal Mocked On Twitter, Criticized For ‘Distancing Himself From Indian Roots’

Bobby Jindal Mocked On Twitter, Criticized For ‘Distancing Himself From Indian Roots’
Governor Jindal holds press conference in St. Mary parish Louisiana GOHSEP CC BY-SA 2.0


Bobby Jindal Mocked On Twitter, Criticized For ‘Distancing Himself From Indian Roots’

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announced on Wednesday that he will be running for president in 2016; but his announcement also became a topic of mockery on social media.

Jindal, the first person of Indian origin to enter the U.S. presidential race, said that he disfavored Americans being classified according to origin and ethnicity.

He said on Wednesday during his launch, “We are not Indian-Americans, African-Americans, Irish-Americans, rich Americans, or poor Americans. We are all Americans.”

He further said, “I’m sick and tired of people dividing Americans. And I am done with all this talk about hyphenated Americans. We are not Indian-Americans, Irish-Americans, African-Americans, rich Americans or poor Americans. We are all Americans.”

Jindal further went on to criticize people who “immigrate to this country so that they can use our freedoms to undermine our freedoms.” He said that migrants looking to seek admittance into the United States need to be “ready and willing to embrace our values, learn English, and roll up your sleeves and get to work.”

Jindal has found support from social conservatives and evangelical Christians.

He converted from Hinduism to Christianity during his teens and changed his name from Piyush to Bobby after a character in “The Brady Brunch.”

In January, Jindal said that if he and his parents wanted to stay Indians, they would have stayed in India.

Despite the massive popularity he has earned from his supporters in the United States for denouncing racial disparity, in India he is being seen “as a man who has spent a lifetime distancing himself from his Indian roots,” as reported by The Washington Post.

Suresh C. Gupta, one of Jindal’s first donors, said, “So what if he’s Republican? So what if he’s Christian? I don’t care about those things, But you can’t forget about your heritage. You can’t forget about your roots.”

Following his launch into the U.S. presidential race, hashtag #BobbyJindalisSoWhite started trending on Twitter.

According to Business Insider, his struggle with the fiscal crisis in his state has caused his position amid the opinion polls of Republicans looking for the party’s nomination for the 2016 election to suffer a downslide.


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