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Bobby Chacon Cause Of Death: ‘School Boy’ Dies At Age 65

Bobby Chacon Cause Of Death: ‘School Boy’ Dies At Age 65
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Bobby Chacon Cause Of Death: ‘School Boy’ Dies At Age 65

Boxer Bobby Chacon, credited with winning world titles in two weight classes, passed away on Wednesday. He was 64.

Chacon died in a Hemet care facility after he fell and struck his head. Suffering for a long time from the effects of brain injury, Chacon succumbed to his injuries, according to Ricky Farris, president of the West Coast Boxing Hall of Fame.

Don Chargin had promoted many fights of Chacon. “As sad of shape as [Chacon] was in, he was the guy who was always laughing and happy. He wasn’t one of those mean guys, where they get a little bit of that dementia, they get sullen and mean,” Chargin said.

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As reported by the Los Angeles Daily News, the legendary boxer was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2005. With a professional career in boxing that lasted 16 years (1972-88), he created a record of 59-7-1 with 47 knockouts. He bagged world titles in the featherweight and super featherweight divisions.

Born in 1951 in Sylmar, Chacon trained in Pacoima. He graduated from San Fernando High and was a liberal-arts student at Cal State Northridge. He was dubbed “Schoolboy” by veteran boxing publicist Bill Caplan.

Abel Sanchez, trainer of middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin, lauded the boxer, saying Chacon’s “fights with Boza-Edwards are something to learn from and study.”

“He was one-of-a-kind for our Southern California fighters,” Sanchez said. “He just personified the Mexican warrior that we, as fans, want to see in our fighters.”

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Chacon retired with seven victories in a row, which included a win over Manny Pacquiao’s current trainer in 1985.

Oscar De La Hoya, Hall of Fame fighter turned promoter, praised Chacon. “Hailing from Southern California, Bobby was someone I looked up to as a young fighter growing up in East Los Angeles,” De La Hoya said. “Bobby had the natural talent, good looks, personality and power to be a memorable fighter in the ring that attracted crowds.”

As reported by Los Angeles Times, Chacon is survived by his son Jamie Chacon, daughters Donna and Alexis Chacon, mother Gloria Banegas, stepfather John Banegas, and several siblings.

“[Chacon is] not suffering anymore,” Dolores Banegas, Chacon’s stepsister, said.

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