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Boat Of Two Missing Boys Found Empty And Afloat In Florida

Boat Of Two Missing Boys Found Empty And Afloat In Florida
Sailboat Key West Florida Sunset gabe popa / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Boat Of Two Missing Boys Found Empty And Afloat In Florida

The boat with two boys who went fishing in Florida was found empty on Sunday by rescuers in Daytona Beach, around 67 miles from Florida and 175 miles from Tequesta, their homeland, reports say.

Stephen Lehman, officer from Coast Guard, said the location of the boat propelled their search team to adjust their operations, covering an area as big as Maine, a report from USA Today says. A report from CNN says the Coast Guard has covered more than 25,000 square nautical miles searching for the teens.

“This is an active search-and-rescue case,” Lehmann said. “We maintain our perpetual optimism that we are going to find somebody.”

Using an HR 144 plane, C-130 aircraft from Coast Guard, two planes from customs and Border Protection, helicopter crew and Coast Guard cutters, the searchers discovered the missing boat without damage or anything missing, although it did not have its engine cover anymore. The searchers found one life jacket on board.

The two boys, Perry Cohen and Austin Stephanos, aged 14, have been missing since Friday. They were last seen around 1:30 p.m. ET and cruised the waters of Jupiter in Florida, near Tequesta to purchase $110 fuel. Less than four hours later, the duo was reported missing.

The pair had been fishing together in Jupiter Inlet area, and was not equipped for a longer trip. Even the family said the boys did not have enough supplies for an extended outing. Nick Korniloff, Cohen’s father, said that though the teens were experienced at seas, they were not permitted to go fishing or boating into the ocean by themselves. Stephanos’ mother, Carly Black, was positive they were going to find them soon.

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