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Bluetooth Connectivity Still A Problem Even With iOS 8.0.2

Bluetooth Connectivity Still A Problem Even With iOS 8.0.2


Bluetooth Connectivity Still A Problem Even With iOS 8.0.2

Bluetooth Connectivity Still A Problem Even With iOS 8.0.2With every iteration of Apple’s mobile operating system, users expect new features and improvements and Apple has delivered these and more to everyone’s delight. As the saying goes, users have to take the good with the bad and this adage aptly describes the latest Bluetooth connectivity bug which seems to have affected a lot of users even though they have already updated to the latest iOS 8.0.2.

A considerable number of iOS 8 and iOS 8.0.2 users in Apple’s Support forum complained that they encountered Bluetooth connectivity issues when they tried connecting their iDevices to their cars.  The bug seems to affect a slew of vehicles including top brands like BMW, Ford, Hyundai, Lexus, Mercedes, and Toyota. It appears that the Cupertino firm has become aware of this Bluetooth car connectivity issue through their forum but other users are also reporting the same problem when using their iDevices to pair with other Bluetooth capable accessories like headsets and similar paraphernalia.

A typical user’s complaint says that the device is connected to the car’s system via Bluetooth but when the user’s attempts to make a call, the device and the system indicate that the call is going through via Bluetooth, but the call does not cut the car’s music and the other party’s voice doesn’t come out of the vehicle’s speaker system. In order to hear what the other party is saying, the user has to push the audio button on the device itself and choose speakerphone which means Bluetooth connection is lost.

Being aware of this issue, Apple engineers are busy finding the cause and the solution to the problem and have been giving irate users feedback through their help forum.

Other users were able to find a workaround to the issue by logging out of their iCloud account. This action is then followed by : “forgetting” all Bluetooth connected devices; using the “Reset All Settings” or “Reset Network Setting” on their devices; restarting the phone and re-connecting with all previously paired Bluetooth devices and finally, logging back in to iCloud.  A rather tedious task, but for now users can get their Bluetooth connectivity working again using this procedure until the smart Apple engineers come up with the fix.

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