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Blue Ivy Called UGLY! Top Cringe-Worthy Tweets From Shameful Adults

Blue Ivy Called UGLY! Top Cringe-Worthy Tweets From Shameful Adults
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Blue Ivy Called UGLY! Top Cringe-Worthy Tweets From Shameful Adults

While her parents, Beyonce and Jay Z get worshiped by their humongous fan base, poor Blue Ivy has had to deal with the wrong end of the stick all her life. And the hate just keeps on growing!

Blue Ivy, the 4-year old daughter of famous singers Beyonce and Jay Z, has not only come into the world with a silver spoon in her mouth but an array of the harshest remarks, which is refusing to cease anytime soon.

It is appalling how cruel and insensitive grownups can be, especially on social media, which has become home to celebrity bashing over the recent few years.

But Blue Ivy is just a kid and probably does not even realize that she is being judged solely on her appearance, as she has the time of her life walking beside her rich and famous parents.

Blue Ivy 2016 VMAs

Blue Ivy recently got to tag alongside Beyonce in the 2016 MTV VMAs, looking every bit the adorable kid she is meant to be. However, while her mother got showered with praises on her exquisite choice of outfit, little Blue Ivy had to face a torrent of Tweets from adults who called her “Ugly”, reports Hollywood Take!

Huffington Post has cited a piece from an interview that CNN had with Sophia Nelson, author of a self-help book for women called “The Woman Code”, to shed some light on this matter:

“From the time we’re little girls, we’re taught to compete, I need to be prettier, taller, smarter, my hair needs to be straighter, curlier, whatever it is. I need to get the better looking guy. I need to always be better than because we’re taught to come from a place of lack as women,” said Nelson.

Blue Ivy Twitter Hate

What is most astonishing is the fact that these shameful Tweets seem to be coming mostly from women themselves! Here are some of the examples of such Tweets:

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