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Blue Bell Has A New Ice Cream Flavor And It’s Especially For Brides

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Blue Bell Has A New Ice Cream Flavor And It’s Especially For Brides

Blue Bell Ice Cream has just come out with a new flavor. This time, it is a special treat for brides on their very special day.

Because nothing is sweeter than saying ‘I do,’ Blue Bell has come out with a special flavor that brides can readily indulge in. This is known as the Bride’s Cake Ice Cream.
“You’ll say “Yes!” to this delightful new flavor from Blue Bell,” the Texas ice cream company adds.

The Blue Bell Bride’s Cake Ice Cream is made with a luscious and creamy almond ice cream that’s been mixed with some white cake pieces. And to make the flavor more indulgent, it also gets an addition of rich amaretto cream cheese icing swirl. It’s basically everything a bride would want to have on her special day. After all, the ingredients had been inspired by popular wedding tastes. “Our Bride’s Cake, with its almond ice cream and amaretto cream cheese icing swirl, was inspired by popular wedding cake flavors. And the tasty cake pieces are the perfect addition,” Blue Bell public relations manager Jenny Van Dorf explained.

At the same time, Van Dorf said they decided to come up with a wedding themed ice cream flavor since people tend to offer their ice cream during their weddings. ” We have heard from fans who serve Blue Bell Ice Cream at their weddings in place of the traditional cake. Now you can have both,” she remarked.

On the other hand, grooms need not get jealous of Blue Bell’s new Bride Cake Ice Cream. That’s because the ice cream company has also decided to bring back its special Groom’s Cake flavor. It’s made with rich chocolate ice cream that has been mixed with chocolate cake pieces and chocolate-coated strawberry hearts. Meanwhile, this ice cream also gets generous swirls of both strawberry sauce and chocolate icing. It make for a great treat for the groom as he waits for his bride to walk down the aisle.

Groom Cake ice cream flavor comes back.

Blue Bell first introduced the Groom’s Cake ice cream back in 2009. ” The idea came from an actual groom’s cake one of our employees tasted at a family wedding. We are excited to bring Groom’s Cake Ice Cream back to our line up and pair it with our new Bride’s Cake Ice Cream. Quite the match, I would say!” Van Dorf remarked.

Blue Bell says both the Bride’s Cake and Groom’s Cake ice cream will be available for a limited time only.

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