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Blue Bell Ice Cream Update: ‘Listeria-Free’ And Ready To Be Churned Again For Consumption

Blue Bell Ice Cream Update: ‘Listeria-Free’ And Ready To Be Churned Again For Consumption
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Blue Bell Ice Cream Update: ‘Listeria-Free’ And Ready To Be Churned Again For Consumption

Blue Bell Creameries has gotten one step closer to churning ice cream again as the company’s plant in Sylacagua had received “no restrictions” from the Alabama Department of Public Health on the selling of ice cream products made from the said plant, has learned.

Moreover, Alabama Department of Public Health Director Jim McVay has also confirmed to NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth that the Blue Ice Cream production facility in Sylacauga, Alabama can now resume full production. In addition, he also noted that recent product testing and trial runs have found that the Blue Bell products made there are now free from listeria contamination.

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In response to this development, Blue Bell is yet to issue a thorough statement. However, the company took the time to send out tweets to all of the brand’s followers and supporters:

Last July 8, Blue Bell Creameries announced that it has notified the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as well as Alabama state health officials that it wants to start test production of its ice cream in its plant in Sylacauga in the coming weeks.

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At that time, Blue Bell Vice President of Operations Greg Bridges had said, “We are very excited about taking these important first steps as part of the process of getting high-quality Blue Bell products back to consumers.”

Blue Bell Ice Cream Listeria problems

Blue Bell Ice Cream’s production plants were plagued with listeria contamination earlier this year, causing illnesses in Arizona, Oklahoma and Texas as well as three deaths in Texas. The company then, proceeded to close its production facilities indefinitely as it worked on cleaning and repairing them.

Production at Blue Bell’s Sylacauga reportedly started last July 20, according to, although it was done with a “test and hold” policy in place. Meanwhile, several visits of inspectors to the said plant had found that the Blue Bell products there are negative for listeria.

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Alabama Department of Public Health’s Bureau of Environmental Services Deputy Director Ron Dawsey had also told, “All products meet our standards for dessert product production.”

So far, Blue Bell has also not given a date as to when their ice cream products will be available in the market again.

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