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Bloody Stabbing Ensues Over iPhone Vs Android Debate

Bloody Stabbing Ensues Over iPhone Vs Android Debate
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Karlis Dambrans / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Bloody Stabbing Ensues Over iPhone Vs Android Debate

Samsung Galaxy Sg Edge vs Apple iPhone 6 by Karlis Dambrans

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge vs Apple iPhone 6 Karlis Dambrans/Flickr CC BY 2.0

Two friends having a drinking spree ended stabbing up each over an iPhone-versus-Android debate. Both men ended covered in blood and arrested by police.

Which phone is better? iPhone or an Android?

Roommates Jiro Mendez and Elias Ecevo stabbed each other with pieces of broken beer bottles when they argued over which phone is better: the iPhone and an Android. Mendez was found disoriented by a woman at the parking lot of the Evergreen Apartments, Channel 8 reported.

The woman called the police who had initially had a hard time questioning the two men because both speak very little English. The Tulsa Police Department said the two were drinking with another friend who escaped the scene just in time as the police arrived.

It was Ecevo who first hit Mendez with a bottle. Ecevo then tried to steal Mendez’ car to escape, the Tulsa Police Department told ABC news. Mendez’ car was found parked just within a short distance from the apartment.

“In over 35 years as a cop, this is one of the oddest reasons I’ve seen for assault,” Maj. Rod Hummel of the Tulsa police told ABC News.

As more details emerged of the incident, it was found that both men suffered several cuts on their bodies. Both of them received proper medical attention after being arrested and detained at the Tulsa County Jail. They were both charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The third man has not been identified as of press time.

iPhone vs Android

Elsewhere in the tech industry, the debate continues. The latest iPhone and Android units subjected to comparison are the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6.

The Galaxy S6 is said to have won a durability test versus the iPhone 6 and will possibly also win the test versus the iPhone 6 plus, that is according to the Android Community.

Meanwhile, BGR reported that developers still prefer iOS over Android.

A review from Forbes saw the iPhone 6 still at a better edge over the Galaxy S6.


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