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‘Blindspot’ Season Finale Spoilers: Jane Is Not Taylor Shaw – Report

‘Blindspot’ Season Finale Spoilers: Jane Is Not Taylor Shaw – Report
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‘Blindspot’ Season Finale Spoilers: Jane Is Not Taylor Shaw – Report

The two deaths in the previous episode of Blindspot left some gaping holes in the plot of the story, one of them being the possibility that Jane Doe might not be Taylor Shaw, as many had hoped. This leads the finale of Blindspot season 1 into the next big question – Who is Jane Doe, then?

‘Blindspot’ Episode 22 Recap

While one had hoped that the former FBI head Mayfair’s death would underwhelm any other event, that was not the case in episode 22 of Blindspot. The biggest twist came from Weller’s father. Lying on the hospital bed, he revealed to Weller that he had indeed killed Taylor Shaw before he breathed his last, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

This revelation came as a ground-breaking one, especially for Weller, since he had believed all along that Jane was Taylor Shaw.

On the other hand, after figuring out that Jane had assisted in the conspiracy against her, Mayfair goes to confront her and gets shot in the back by Oscar, who appears on the spot.

‘Blindspot’ Season Finale Spoilers

Needless to say, the relationship between Kurt and Jane will get tested in the final episode, as Jane tries to figure out if she made a huge mistake trusting Oscar. It is just like Jaimie Alexander explains in a statement to Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s sickening, because she’s thinking, ‘Why would I want to kill somebody?’”

Also, the theory that Jane might not be Taylor Shaw makes sense at one level, since the creators of the show have carefully avoided showing Jane remembering anything from her childhood. All she has recalled so far in the flashbacks are moments spent with Oscar and her military training

On the other hand, Patterson had compared Taylor’s DNA to Jane and found a match. So were the results of the DNA test falsified by Oscar and his team or is Patterson in on the whole thing?

Whatever direction Blindspot finale takes, it is sure to be an action-packed and thrilling one, promises the creator of the show, Martin Gero: “In the next episode both Weller and Jane have immediate pickups. Jane is furious and wants retribution for Mayfair’s death, and Weller is rocked by the revelation that his father may have killed Taylor Shaw. The next episode is really about both of them trying to get to the bottom of those questions.”

The season finale also paves way for Blindspot season 2 plot, as mentioned by Gero:

“We have a really surprising and fun story in store for the finale. We didn’t blow all of our twists in the penultimate episode. It’s a very big episode and is hands down the best performance that Sully and Jaimie have given this year. Anyone who is emotionally involved in the show will find it a very satisfying last episode, and it will hopefully get them really excited about what we’re doing in season two, which is turning the show on its head.”

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