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Bleach Finale: Chapter 686 May Not Be The End Of Kurosaki Ichigo’s Quest

Bleach Finale: Chapter 686 May Not Be The End Of Kurosaki Ichigo’s Quest
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Bleach Finale: Chapter 686 May Not Be The End Of Kurosaki Ichigo’s Quest

Shueisha announced on Monday that Tite Kubo will be publishing the final chapter of his hugely popular Bleach manga. Chapter 686 will be released in next month’s issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine along with an “important announcement”.

Rumors surrounding the end of the manga have been making rounds on anime forums ever since it was announced. One of the most prevalent is that Kubo was forced against his wishes to finish the series. They claim that this is the reason for some irregularities in the manga’s story.

According to the Anime News Network, Hisashi Sasaki, the former editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen jump revealed four weeks ago that the manga will end in 10 weeks. The series has already gone past its climax and all that’s missing now is the final chapter.

Is This The End For Bleach?

It is unknown what the important announcement is all about, but many believe Chapter 686 won’t be the end of Bleach. In the same way Naruto still lives on despite Masashi Kishimoto refusing to continue the manga. The series might still continue with light novels or sides stories from other manga-kas.

While the rumors the Tite Kubo ended his manga abruptly is up for questioning, there’s no doubt that the end is definitely near. Kubo’s work was first published back in 2001 and the series already entered its final story arc back in 2012.

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The series was a huge hit in its depiction of the afterlife as a feudal society. And like in a feudal society, the powers are vested on the warrior class, in this case the Soul Reapers. The main protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, was tossed into this world and slowly learns that there was more to him than being just an ordinary human.

The manga also received a 366-episode anime making it on par with the likes of One Piece and Naruto. It was so popular that Googling “bleach” during its height would not result in a laundry product. Ichigo Kurusaki became an icon as well as other characters in the series.

Catch the Bleach finale in the next issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine.

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