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Bleach’ Chapter 686 Spoilers, Air Date, Characters: What We Know So Far

Bleach’ Chapter 686 Spoilers, Air Date, Characters: What We Know So Far
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Bleach’ Chapter 686 Spoilers, Air Date, Characters: What We Know So Far

Despite Shueisha announcing that Bleach Chapter 686 will be the final entry, fans are still hoping for a continuation of the series. Creator Tite Kubo has revealed that the finale will also feature a special announcement.

Any detail regarding the announcement is being kept under wraps, but many are speculating that it pertains to a spin-off series. Another popular manga, Naruto, has seen its life extended in the same manner after Masashi Kishimoto published its final chapter.

Bleach: To End Or Not To End?

According to Chatt Sports Net, this speculation comes after many fans saw irregularities in the final chapters of Bleach. The story appears to have been rushed, giving rise to speculation that ending the manga was against Tite Kubo’s wishes.

The guys at Reddit has some idea on what will happen in Chapter 686. Will we finally see the end of the series or will it be the staging ground for a spin-off based off the manga’s universe?

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Chapter 685 ended Ichigo Kurosaki defeated Ywach, removing the final antagonist of the series. However, it appears he was unsuccessful in killing him and he may have survived by transporting himself in the future.

If Ywach is alive, there is a chance that he can return and seek revenge on the Substitute Shinigami. If this is truly the case, it will open up a whole new chapter in the series.

Another possibility is that Ichigo was successful in killing Ywach after their battle. This would mean that Chapter 686 will be an epilogue episode.

Ichigo Kurosaki would probably return to his normal life as a student with his friends. Rukia will probably be the new leader of Team 13, a fitting finale for such an awesome series.

The series’ future depends on what Shueisha’s announcement will be. If it does decide to end the series, it will be hard to find a new manga to fill the void which Bleach as filled for more than a decade.

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