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Blake Snyder Facebook: Wife And Photos, Plus A Cryptic Message Before Being Shot

Blake Snyder Facebook: Wife And Photos, Plus A Cryptic Message Before Being Shot
Blake Snyder And Family Instagram


Blake Snyder Facebook: Wife And Photos, Plus A Cryptic Message Before Being Shot

Blake Snyder, an officer with the St. Louis County Police Department, was killed in the line of duty on October 6. Find out more about his life and how you can donate towards his family.

Blake Snyder was answering a disturbance call in the early hours of the morning. Snyder was shot point blank by the suspect, Trenton Forster, who already had a felony charge for the use of marijuana in the past.

18-year old Forster was banging at the door of a house, demanding someone inside to let him in. When Snyder ordered him to show his hands, he turned and shot the former, with a pistol that he was carrying at the time, reports ABC News.

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A second police officer arrived at the scene moments later and immediately started firing and wounded Forster. Both Snyder and Forster were rushed to the hospital.

While Forster was able to make it out alive, Snyder was pronounced dead soon after arrival.

Blake Snyder Facts

Blake Snyder was born in Alton and he attended Alton High School and later Lewis and Clark College. He loved playing soccer when he was in high school. His father was on the board of trustees and the dean of his college.

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Snyder went on to study architecture at Ranken Technical College in St. Louis. He became a graphic artist and volunteered as a board member at Riverbend Family Ministries till he was applied for the position of a police officer in 2012.

He served as a police officer for 4 years.

Blake Snyder Family

Blake Snyder, 33, was a loving husband and a father to his 2-year old son. His Instagram page is filled with pictures of his family.

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He met his wife at Destiny Church at West County, of which he was a member, reports Fox 2. His inspiration behind becoming a police officer was Snyder’s father-in-law, Mike Sparks, who was also served his country till he was diagnosed with cancer.

His brother-in-law, Justin Sparks, is also a St. Louis County officer, reports FOX 2.

Blake Snyder Facebook Post

In what can only be explained as an eerie coincidence, the last thing that Blake posted on his Facebook page was that of a black police officer Verdell Smith, who was also killed in the line of duty recently.

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Smith is seen holding a sign which says “I Matter” in the picture that Snyder posted. #BlueLivesMatter has resurfaced with a renewed vigor on Twitter and Facebook ever since people found out about this.

Officer Blake Snyder's Final Post

Officer Blake Snyder’s Final Post Facebook

Blake Snyder Prayers And Donations

There have been outpourings of condolences from National Sheriffs’ Association, Longwood Police Department, Moscow Mills Police Department, Senator Roy Blunt, Livermore Police Officers Association and many more.

St. Louis County Police Department lowered its flag almost to half for Snyder a few hours after the shooting, reports CBS.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has decided to wear black bands for an indefinite period of time as a sign of mourning for their fallen comrade.

“His family, police family and the entire community are in our thoughts and prayers. His brave sacrifice will never be forgotten,” they wrote on their official Facebook page.

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The music band, DownPour has announced a fundraiser for Snyder’s family. They have set up a Facebook page where people are invited to attend a gathering at The Pump House on October 8, 9 pm to 12 am.

Apart from remembering the fallen policeman, there will be performances from the band too. All the donations collected at the venue will be handed over to Snyder’s family.

Before that, a similar fundraiser will take place on Friday 10.30 am at Bandanas BBQ in Sunset Hills. A giant card carrying signatures, messages, and tributes from various people will be handed over to Synder’s family.

Also, 15 percent of Bandana’s total collection for the day will be donated to the BackStoppers. The BackStoppers are the official donation collectors for the Snyder family as they have chosen not to subscribe to sites like Go Fund Me, reports Kmov.

If you wish to donate to the BackStoppers, you can visit this link


A post shared by Elizabeth Snyder (@ejsnyder7) on


A post shared by Elizabeth Snyder (@ejsnyder7) on


A post shared by Elizabeth Snyder (@ejsnyder7) on

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