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Blake Shelton Moves Forward with $2 Million Tabloid Libel Suit Against In Touch Weekly

Blake Shelton Moves Forward with $2 Million Tabloid Libel Suit Against In Touch Weekly
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Blake Shelton Moves Forward with $2 Million Tabloid Libel Suit Against In Touch Weekly

On Monday, the American singer and television personality Blake Shelton, took home a legal victory as a judge ruled that the singer’s $2 million legal action can be allowed to move forward.

According to Entertainment Tonight, in October 2015, the six-time Grammy Award nominee took the Bauer Publishing Company to court. The lawsuit of Shelton was in response to an In Touch Weekly cover story that had a headline that read “REHAB for Blake.”

The singer’s lawsuit contained an assertion of the truth of defamation and false light invasion of privacy. The published magazine’s headline and details within the article asserted allegations that during the marriage of Blake with ex-wife Miranda Lambert, he was unfaithful to the country music singer.

The Wrap reported that Judge Christina Snyder in federal court in California, discovered that “REHAB for Blake,” could deceive a reader to believe that Blake had experienced entering a rehab facility.

Judge Snyder found out that, “A reasonable person viewing the In Touch headline and sub-headlines — which were located 30 pages away from the Article — might well have concluded that Blake had, in fact, entered ‘REHAB’ even after ‘his friends earnestly asked him to stop joking about drinking and get help.’”

Judge Snyder stated that In Touch Weekly appeared to be undisputed in publishing a headline and article details without a proof that “The Voice” judge had actually entered a rehabilitation facility.

As stated by Hollywood Reporter, judge Snyder wrote in favor of Blake, “No courts appear to have held that defamation claims premised upon false reports of treatment in rehabilitation must fail, as a matter of law.” The judge also wrote, “This Court accordingly declines to be the first.”

Currently, Blake is very busy with his ongoing coaching on the reality TV singing competition, “The Voice.”

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