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Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Divorce: ‘Deadpool 2’ Actor Reportedly Had Enough Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Star

Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Divorce: ‘Deadpool 2’ Actor Reportedly Had Enough Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Star
WonderCon 2011 – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds at the Green Lantern panel The Conmunity – Pop Culture Geek / Flickr CC

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Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds Divorce: ‘Deadpool 2’ Actor Reportedly Had Enough Of ‘Gossip Girl’ Star

Divorce rumors involving Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds simply refuse to die down.

And this is simply because there are a lot of possible reasons to believe so.

It has been a while since speculations have surfaced the two were headed for Splits Ville as they supposedly don’t agree on a lot of things.

There are also those who claim “The Shallows” star is a nagger, something which the “X-Men” star doesn’t like at all given his “superhero” image.

Moreover, rumors have been flying thick and fast that the “Deadpool” actor is allegedly having an affair with his co-star Morena Bacarrin.

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Some reports theorize that two have been hitting on each other since they started working on the blockbuster Marvel film.

On the other hand, there are those who have pointed out that Blake Lively was more focused on her career than having a family with Ryan Reynolds, speculations that led to the widespread divorce humors, according to Divorce Debbie.

It was also early this year when the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” star openly admitted to reporters that she was uncomfortable with her husband’s working relationship with his “Mississippi Grind” co-star Sienna Miller.

Some Hollywood insiders believe the “Wolverine” actor could allegedly end up having an affair with “GI Joe” star who has supposedly gained a reputation for being a “cheater.”

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The 11-year age difference between Blake Lively and Ryan Reynold’s could also be a major factor why divorce rumors involving the pair continue to gain traction.

However, Gossip Cop, which is known to debunk false reports, claims that there is absolutely no truth to rumors the couple are calling it quits.

First, the hoax-busting site notes there have been no legitimate stories linking the “Green Lantern” star and Bacarrin, who just gave birth to a baby girl with Ben McKenzie last March.

And second, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds recently welcomed their second child, which makes it almost improbable that the pair are on the throes of a divorce.

Amid these rumors, Gossip Cop was stern in saying that the couple is not on the verge of breaking up.

“Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are NOT divorcing, despite an absurd new report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim,” it said about the GameNGuide report. “We’re told it’s ‘not true.’”

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