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‘Blade Runner 2’ Update: Ryan Gosling Reveals Biggest Secret – Report

‘Blade Runner 2’ Update: Ryan Gosling Reveals Biggest Secret – Report
Blade Runner sequel via Facebook


‘Blade Runner 2’ Update: Ryan Gosling Reveals Biggest Secret – Report

Ryan Gosling just revealed “Blade Runner 2” biggest secret to date — that the cast sworn not to divule anything about the movie!

The star Ryan Gosling has sworn to hold secret all news about his recent movie. Eva Mendes’ partner revealed that the cast of the movie cannot divulge any detail about the sequel of the highly-anticipated sci-fi movie.

The “La La Land” actor admitted that he finds it hard to keep his lips sealed because he himself is very excited about the movie. According to Sunday World, he is still in unbelief that he is part of the movie. The silence of the movie only adds to the suspense and avidness of the fans.

The only revelation the actor gave was that the “Air Force One” actor, Harrison Ford is one of the characters. He was also part of the cast of the original movie.

Ryan Gosling also revealed that he feels the pressure of fans expectations for the movie. Blade Runner was a hit and a critically acclaimed movie. He is confident having Ford and director Sir Ridley Scott to give him pointers.

Since “Blade Runner” is one of the most borrowed-from science fiction aside from “Alien,” he has a huge responsibility to give his best because of experts, Scott and Ford.

Emma Stone’s co-star even moved his wife, Eva Mendes and his two daughters to Europe because he will be staying in their set location to concentrate on the movie.

Ryan Gosling was a contented husband and father to his family. Recently, the couple was rumored to have tied the knot after the birth of their second daughter. Mendes, who was known to be anti-marriage reportedly proposed to the actor.

Gosling was quoted saying that he is happy in life. He feels like “he is in heaven and he lives with angels.” Fatherhood made him a better person and it is the most important thing in his life right now.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have started their relationship five years ago. Will their relationship stand the test of time? It seems that they get along well and they have two kids to bind them together.

Catch Ryan Gosling at “La La Land” this fall, as reported by Anti-Music.

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