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#BlackOutDay Sends A Powerful Message on Twitter

#BlackOutDay Sends A Powerful Message on Twitter
T’Von, Founder of #BlackOutDay Image from Whites Will Never Know


#BlackOutDay Sends A Powerful Message on Twitter

Citizens on Twitter supported the hashtag, #BlackOutDay on March 6.

T'Von from Whites Will Never Know

T’Von, Founder of #BlackOutDay
Image from Whites Will Never Know

The hashtag went viral as people from different walks of life joined the trend and submitted selfies and opinions about racism and its roots.

It started with a Tumblr post by T’von. In his Tumblr account, he mentioned his exhaustion over seeing less black people in his social media feeds.

He wrote,

“I’m not seeing enough Black people on my dash”. Of course I see a constant amount of Black celebrities but what about the regular people? Where is their shine? When I proposed it, I thought people would think it was a good idea, but not actually go through with implementing it.”

The #Blackout tag was initially proposed. Then it went on fire from there, with thousands of people joining in.

This is set to become a tradition. T’von proposes it to be done every first Friday of the month. He further said there should be unity when it comes to agreeing that black people are beautiful and “worthy praise and admiration, and Blackout day is a step towards that.”


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There are trolls, but the message of unity against prejudice is more prevalent as each post was done to create noise against racism. Some posts are simple celebration of beauty, while some delve on history.






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