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‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Plot: Cliffhangers Soon To Be Solved

‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Plot: Cliffhangers Soon To Be Solved
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‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Plot: Cliffhangers Soon To Be Solved

The Blacklist season 3 finale has left three gaping holes in the plot that is going to be addressed by the next season. The lives of Red, Liz, Tom, and Baby Agnes hang in the balance. What can the viewers expect from The Blacklist Season 4?

‘The Blacklist’ Season 4

The biggest teaser of The Blacklist season 3 finale was Alexander Kirk confessing to Liz that he is her father. This twist marred the fact that Liz was alive after being declared dead on the show! So where does season 4 go from here?

According to Entertainment Weekly, season 4 will pick up from where season 3 left off; that is, Liz in the interrogation chair in front of Kirk, having found out the latter is her father.

However, the shocking revelation from Kirk will not be enough to distract her from worrying about the whereabouts of her husband and child. After all, she is a trained FBI agent, who knows how to get the truth without blinking. It is possible that she will somehow manipulate Kirk into telling her where Tom and Baby Agnes were.

Red, on the other hand, feels betrayed and hurt that Liz would go to the extent of faking her death to get him out of her life. Regardless, Red has always been incomplete without Liz and has never put his own feelings above her safety. Hence, he will not rest until Liz and her child is back to safety. But will the relation between Liz and Red get even more complicated?

Finally, the fate of Kaplan is undecided, reports TV Guide. After Red learns that it was Kaplan who had helped Liz plan her fake-death in The Blacklist season 3 finale, Red puts the revolver in her temple and murmurs, “Kate… what am I gonna do with you, Kate?”

And fans of the show know what Red tends to do to people who have, even unknowingly, tried to harm Liz. So will Kaplan meet a similar end?

These questions and more will be answered in The Blacklist Season 4.

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