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BlackBerry Wins a Score against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo iPhone Keyboard

BlackBerry Wins a Score against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo iPhone Keyboard


BlackBerry Wins a Score against Ryan Seacrest’s Typo iPhone Keyboard

The legal battle continues between BlackBerry Ltd and startup Typo Products. The two companies are locked in a fight about alleged infringement of the Canadian smartphone manufacturer’s copyright.

Just last Friday, a court judge ruled that BlackBerry was able to establish the possibility that Typo had infringed on its patents. Judge William Orrick also stated that Typo has not clearly presented  substantial question about the validity of the involved patents.

As expected, the recent court decision could be a big blow to Typo. The technology startup has been asserting that its smartphone keyboards were done differently and were not patterned after BlackBerry devices.

BlackBerry vs. Typo in a controversial case

It can be recalled that the controversial Typo keyboard was initially unveiled in January. It was obviously designed for the popular iPhone 5 and/or iPhone 5S. The smartphone accessory basically serves as a protective case for the device. It has an initial tag price of $99. Logically, what made Typo keyboards more popular is the fact that TV and radio celebrity Ryan Seacrest is one of its investors.

Immediately after the unveiling of the accessory, BlackBerry made legal moves to claim that Typo copied the keyboard that is typical in BlackBerry handsets. The Canadian firm has made a petition before the US District Court for the Northern District of California to block sales of the new Typo product due to its being an ‘obvious knock-off’ of BlackBerry’s built-in smartphone keyboards.

What’s next for the case and for BlackBerry

What’s next with this controversial court case? BlackBerry would post a bond to cover Typo’s possible losses if ever the court’s decision favors the startup’s claims. For its part, Typo has one more week to finalize and submit a detailed accounting file, estimating how much it could possibly lose if an injunction takes place.

Meanwhile, BlackBerry reiterates that it is also selling several smartphone models that come with physical keyboard. It has plans to further launch one more of such a product sometime this year.

BlackBerry is set to launch a new smartphone model to be called Q20 ‘Classic’ later this year. The new handset would feature a trackpad as well as ‘Menu,’ ‘Send,’ ‘End,’ and ‘Back’ buttons on top of the keyboard. Such added features are expected to help modify and further improve user experience when using the typical BlackBerry keyboard in its devices. 

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