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Blackberry Unveils Internet of Things-based Project Ion

Blackberry Unveils Internet of Things-based Project Ion


Blackberry Unveils Internet of Things-based Project Ion

Blackberry Unveils Internet of Things-based Project IonBlackberry has unveiled, at the O’Reilly Solid Conference, a set of initiatives codenamed Project Ion that the company hopes will help and encourage the development for and use of the Internet of Things. With Project Ion, Blackberry wishes to fulfill its “vision of providing end-to-end solutions for the Internet of Things.”

“As connectivity costs continue to fall and connected technologies become pervasive, a new market is emerging – the Internet of Things,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO, BlackBerry. “Billions of connections, generating trillions of transactions and exabytes of data daily, will require platforms that can operate securely on a global scale. No other company is in a better position than BlackBerry to provide the technological building blocks, applications and services needed to enhance productivity, improve real-time decision making and deliver on the vision of the Internet of Things.”

At the moment, Project Ion consists of three initiatives to create platforms for Internet of Things development and use. The first is a a cloud-based QNX Software Systems platform to foster the development of new Internet of Things solutions that will enable the management and access of big data from multiple end points across multiple devices and platforms. The second initiative is a platform for the facilitation of an Internet of Things ecosystem which will consist of partners, carriers, and application developers that want to create a secure public applications platform for the interconnectivity of Internet of Things devices.

Lastly, the third initiative of Project Ion is to create strategic partnerships with market and industry leaders including the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), the academia, government agencies, and the Blackberry-founded Application Developer Alliance (ADA).

Blackberry is hoping that Project Ion will lead to the availability of deeper, more meaningful, and actionable information to companies and organizations across a range of industries including, among others, doctors, caregivers, consumer product companies, insurers, and manufacturers.

The company has announced that Project Ion will soon be accessible by a select group of partners and developers. Others can also sign up for the project Beta at the Project Ion website.

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