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BlackBerry Temporarily Pulls Out Updated Version of Twitter App

BlackBerry Temporarily Pulls Out Updated Version of Twitter App


BlackBerry Temporarily Pulls Out Updated Version of Twitter App

BlackBerry Temporarily Pulls Out Updated Version of Twitter AppBlackBerry Inc is temporarily pulling the plug on the updated version of Twitter citing complaints from users about several bugs that came with it. This means that its new Twitter app version 10.2.2 would not be found and accessed to date in the BlackBerry World app market.

The struggling Canadian smartphone manufacturer said it has launched a probe to look at the issue. It also promised to post an update once those identified issues have been resolved. The company somehow hinted that the latest Twitter app version would be reposted when the necessary fixes are carried out.

It has only been a week since the updated Twitter app version was released. The update was particularly tailored for BlackBerry 10, the new mobile operating system of the company. It was made available to handsets that run on BlackBerry 10.0 or higher.

Features and setbacks

It comes with many features that were supposed to be more useful to users. Some of those that were introduced with the update were the ability to be constantly connected on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), to make reply within tweets, and to bolster the search function. Other interesting new features were the home timeline photo preview and the ability to report abuse or spam simply by clicking on the details screen of tweets.

Unfortunately, the update also brought along several bugs with it. Shortly following the release of the new app version, some users started reporting difficulties in using the newly updated app. Consequently, the company decided to pull out the app temporarily to avoid incurrence of more issues and complaints. It said that some users’ pressing reports prompted it to make the decision to have the app temporarily removed from its app resources.

BlackBerry’s action

Some users of the new Twitter app reported inability to launch the entire program after they did the upgrade. Other users complained about frequent crashing of the program, slow uploading, and greater trouble when uninstalling the new app. Other than those problems, many users said they have not encountered problems when they used the app last weekend.

Consequently, BlackBerry has advised its Twitter app 10.2.2 users to downgrade to Twitter app 10.2.1 for the meantime. On its own blog site, the company provided specific instructions on how users could easily downgrade to the earlier version of the app. It added that it would make an announcement once Twitter app 10.2.2 is made available again after the bugs are fixed.

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