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BlackBerry Priv Vs. Lumia 950 XL Price, Specs And More

BlackBerry Priv Vs. Lumia 950 XL Price, Specs And More
Lumia 950 from Microsoft


BlackBerry Priv Vs. Lumia 950 XL Price, Specs And More

Confused between Lumia 950 XL and Priv? Read on to know the difference between Priv and Lumia 950 XL price, specs and more.

Microsoft and BlackBerry, before the launch of Lumia 950 XL and Priv, were almost out the smartphone market. Their products though were available; there was just no demand for either Lumia or BlackBerry devices. But with their latest smartphones, both companies seem to have re-entered the market with lots of appreciation.

Yesterday, we did a BlackBerry Priv vs. other Android phones story where Priv seemed better than other devices due to its privacy, QWERTY keyboard and other features. Lumia 950 XL is also among those smartphones. There are some features that make BlackBerry Priv stand out of the crowd. But that does not mean Lumia 950 XL loses the race.

But again, the problem with Lumia 950 XL is what BlackBerry faced before Priv. The device’s operating system is not widely accepted. So despite being a popular phone, this device from Microsoft may lag behind when it comes to sales. Now let’s move on to other important points like BlackBerry Priv vs. Lumia 950XL price, specs and more.

Camera: Both companies have given proper attention to camera. Lumia 950 XL does a decent job with a 20MP rear camera, whereas BlackBerry lets you capture good pictures with its 18MP camera. Compared to BlackBerry, Microsoft has done a better job.

Battery: Both handsets are backed with powerful batteries. Lumia 950 XL has a 3,340 mAh battery, and Priv has a 3,410 mAh battery. They also support quick and wireless charging options.

Memory and Processor: BlackBerry Priv is packed with Snapdragon 808, and Lumia has Snapdragon 810 SoC. That being the difference, both phones come with 32GB internal memory, a slot for microSD card and 3GB of RAM.

The Lumia 950 XL is priced at the Microsoft Store for $1,129 in Australia, whereas BlackBerry Priv is available for $1,249 at the BBStore Australia. Lumia 950 XL is getting mixed reactions, but Priv’s reviews, at least for now, are positive.

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