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BlackBerry Priv Price, Update, News And More

BlackBerry Priv Price, Update, News And More


BlackBerry Priv Price, Update, News And More

BlackBerry has released its first major update for Priv. Here are more details about the update, as well as the BlackBerry Priv price in UK, US and Australia.

BlackBerry Priv has just been released, and the company is already rolling out its first major update for this Android phone. This 475MB update has worked on issues that reviewers had put forth. Read on to know more about BlackBerry Priv price, update and more.

After downloading the BlackBerry Priv update, you will have a better camera, a better-performing phone, improved security and stability. To get this update, go to Settings > About > System Updates. Check the update there. If you got your Priv from carriers, you will have to wait till December 7.

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After updating your Priv, you will have a faster camera app that will deliver better images even under low light. The overall performance of your device will also improve as BlackBerry has tweaked the phone’s software. December’s security patches have also been included in the update, which means your Priv is now safe from the latest security threats that have been putting other Android devices in danger. And the best part is, users are claiming that the BlackBerry Priv will not crash or freeze anymore.

On December 15, BlackBerry will also update its standalone Android apps like Contacts, Hub, DTEK, Camera and Keyboard.  If you have been looking to buy this first Android device from BlackBerry, then here are the prices:

UK: £559 including VAT

US: $699

Australia: AU $1,249

Keep watching this space for more BlackBerry Priv price (changes, if any), availability, updates, and more.

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