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BlackBerry Priv Camera Beats Samsung Galaxy S5 And Nexus 6, As Good As iPhone 6S Cam

BlackBerry Priv Camera Beats Samsung Galaxy S5 And Nexus 6, As Good As iPhone 6S Cam
BlackBerry PRIV WEi WEi / Flickr CC BY 2.0


BlackBerry Priv Camera Beats Samsung Galaxy S5 And Nexus 6, As Good As iPhone 6S Cam

DxOMark Mobile has given the BlackBerry Priv camera 82 points. With the rating, Priv has beaten Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6.

Who had imagined a reentry as grand as BlackBerry Priv’s? Not even the CEO of the company, John Chen. Maybe that’s why he was set to shut the company’s smartphone business if the device had not done well. Proof that BlackBerry Priv has been accepted and loved can be found in the way the devices are sold out on online stores within hours.

When hacking is one of the top concerns among smartphone users, BlackBerry is giving them a solution with Priv. This is one of the reasons Priv worked for BlackBerry. Another feature buyers look for is the camera. With noteworthy improvements in digital photography, everyone is turning into a photographer. The normal pictures now look professional. BlackBerry, the company which was not known for camera phones, has cracked the code and launched a camera so good it got an overall score of 82 from DxOMark. According to ratings, BlackBerry Priv camera is better than Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 6.

If you have been a fan of iPhone 6S camera quality but are not an iPhone fan, Priv is the best alternative for you. With DxOMark’s ranking, it is proved that the BlackBerry Priv camera is as good as iPhone 6S’ cam. To give you an overview of DxOMark’s review, here are the points the site has put down in its Priv camera review:

  1. Excellent dynamic range
  2. Strong color both indoors and out
  3. Very good detail preservation
  4. Quick autofocus and useful flash
  5. Video: Great noise control with rich texture

Announcing the score on the official blog, BlackBerry in its post wrote, “The BlackBerry PRIV is a beautiful phone – especially where pictures and video are concerned. It sports an impressive 18 MP dual-flash camera and uses other technologies typically found in professional DSLR cameras (more on that later). Capturing beautiful images is so simple that it will unleash your passion for creativity.” The post further said, “The PRIV’s camera made it through DxO’s photo and video tests with flying colors, achieving an overall score of 82 on the DxOMark Mobile benchmark.”

Planning to buy BlackBerry Priv? We suggest you to wait till February 2016. Click here to know why.

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