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BlackBerry Priv Android Security Patch For March Is Rolling Out

BlackBerry Priv Android Security Patch For March Is Rolling Out
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BlackBerry Priv Android Security Patch For March Is Rolling Out

As BlackBerry Priv users still await the Android Marshmallow update, the company has started rolling out the BlackBerry Priv android security patch for the month of March. The update has to be manually checked and be downloaded from Settings > About Device. The update consumes around 17MB.

BlackBerry has mentioned on its support page that the BlackBerry Priv Android Security Patch will “address multiple vulnerabilities.” The company has also listed down the vulnerabilities that have been addressed in the BlackBerry Priv android security patch released for March. Here are the fixes:

  1. At the time of data or media file processing of a “specially crafted file,”a vulnerability present in the mediaserver used to allow attackers to corrupt the device’s memory and remote code execution. “The affected functionality is provided as a core part of the operating system and there are multiple applications that allow it to be reached with remote content, most notably MMS and browser playback of media,” wrote BlackBerry on Knowledge Base. These issues have been fixed.
  2. Vulnerabilities in libvpx which were allowing remote code execution the process of mediaserver have been fixed.
  3. Information disclosure vulnerabilities in mediaserver are fixed.
  4. Information disclosure vulnerability in the Telephony component which was allowing an application to access your sensitive information has also been fixed
  5. Then there was vulnerability in the Setup Wizard which was allowing any attacker who has access to your BlackBerry Priv to access settings and also manually reset the device.

Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in Conscrypt, Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability in Keyring Component, Mitigation Bypass Vulnerability in the Kernel and Elevation of Privilege Vulnerabilities in Mediaserver are some of the other issues that have been fixed with the release of BlackBerry Priv Android Security Patch. For detailed information about what the vulnerabilities were, visit BlackBerry Knowledge Base.

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