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BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow Update Release Date Announced

BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow Update Release Date Announced


BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow Update Release Date Announced

This year is Android Marshmallow’s year. Though announced last year, the operating system was rolled out for a large number of devices in 2016. There are many smartphones which are yet to get the operating system. Blackberry’s first Android powered phone was one of them. Yesterday, BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow Update was officially announced.

BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow update is available on From 03rd May 2016, the update will be available on all the major carriers that offer Priv. To download Android 6.0 on your phone, all you need to do is update Android to the latest version in May. Make sure while update your current Android to Marshmallow, you are connected to Wi-Fi or else there are chances of unncessary data charges being incurred.

Why did it take so long for BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow update roll out? In the annoucnement post, BlackBerry explained,

“PRIV is among an elite group of smartphones running Marshmallow, which was released in October 2015. As of April 4, only 4.6% of Android smartphones were running it, though adoption is slowly climbing. PRIV’s place as an early Marshmallow adopter, less than a month after we started beta testing it, makes perfect sense – we have been aggressive in rolling out Android security updates faster than most Android device manufacturers.” 

With BlackBerry Priv Android Marshmallow update, the company claims that security and privacy will now be enhanced. Along with security and privacy, additional impeovements will be made to BlackBerry Keyboard, BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Hub, camera features and battery performance.

In the blog post, the company has also mentioned that with Priv Marshmallow update, battery life will improve due to features like doze and app standby. Users will also be able to better organize apps and widgets. Watch the video below to understand how Marshmallow will change Priv for the better:

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