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BlackBerry Messenger Goes to Windows Phone

BlackBerry Messenger Goes to Windows Phone


BlackBerry Messenger Goes to Windows Phone

BlackBerry Messenger Goes to Windows PhoneFor quite some time, BlackBerry has been sticking to a different strategy to keep awareness about its brand high and intact. It is a fact that sales of BlackBerry smartphones continue to decline. And BlackBerry has long conceded to being an underdog in the battle against the giants like Android and iOS.

But it has made its popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service available to users of both Android and iOS. Thus, even if BlackBerry phone users decline in number, for sure, users of the messenger service would continue to increase.

Needless to say, this strategy has been proven to be effective. BBM became available for Android and iOS in October 2013. By December of that same year, it generated 40 million new BBM registered users. And that is logically a significant number.

BBM on Windows Phone

Now, BlackBerry has announced that it has already launched BBM on Microsoft Corp’s Windows Phone. This is logically part of the Canadian company’s strategy to bring the service to more smatphone users across the globe.

But wait, there’s more. BlackBerry has emphasized that BBM for Windows Phone is different compared to BBM for Android and iOS. Logically, the smartphone maker has designed its new BBM version to be customized to adopt the unique Windows Phone look as well as feel.

Consequently, BBM for Windows Phone has plenty of tiles. The program is also something that current Windows Phone users would surely appreciate. The company has clearly realized that pushing for just a single default design for BBM as a whole would not work.

Customizing BBM

In a statement, BlackBerry said it knows that customers like apps that are simple and easy to use. It also acknowledged the need for beautifully designed apps. It also underlined its strategy of simplifying the BBM experience so that users would find it easier to sign up, log in, and add contacts.

The company also said that it is designing apps based on the accustomed practices of users in using their smartphones. Thus, Windows Phone users would not have a difficult time using BBM on their own handsets. BBM for Windows Phone can now be downloaded, still for free, just like in other platforms. 

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