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Blackberry: The Future is Android

Blackberry: The Future is Android
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Blackberry: The Future is Android

Last year, the public saw how Blackberry released Priv as a last ditch effort to make up for their huge loss in the smartphone industry. The company was once the top mobile device manufacturer in the world until other tech companies took the title and they slowly drifted away from the top spot. They have been, for some time, trying to re-enter the smartphone market and has failed to do so until their first Android phone, the Priv was released.

Though there is still no evidence that the Priv phone has made such a huge impact on their sales, it is safe to say that it has been doing fairly, as the Ontario-based company seems to be positive about it. Blackberry has revealed that all of their smartphones will now be using Google’s Android platform this 2016.

According to CNET, Blackberry CEO John Chen revealed, during its CES interview in Vegas, that the Canadian phone manufacturer will be releasing one new product and possibly a second phone this year which will both be running the Android platform. This interview has unveiled that Blackberry sees Android as the future and though it has not confirmed that Blackberry 10 is dead, it was revealed that the company won’t be making any major updates and won’t be making any new hardware for it.

Economic Times also reported that during the Priv’s launch in India, Blackberry APAC product management senior director Damian Tay said that the Priv device is essentially the company’s transition to the Android ecosystem. Over a period of time, Blackberry won’t be having two platforms and may have only Android as its platform for smartphones. But at least for now, the Canadian company has both BB10 and Android platforms for their mobile phones.

The Blackberry Priv is known to be the company’s first Android run handheld device released last year. TechnoBuffalo has made a review on the said phone and has been saying that it is a terrific smartphone.

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