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BlackBerry Defends Itself against Gartner’s ‘Speculative’ Analysis

BlackBerry Defends Itself against Gartner’s ‘Speculative’ Analysis


BlackBerry Defends Itself against Gartner’s ‘Speculative’ Analysis

BlackBerry Defends Itself against Gartner’s ‘Speculative’ AnalysisBlackBerry Ltd may be facing tough challenges but it assures its customers that it would remain steadfast even during and after a possible restructuring. This is how the Canadian smartphone manufacturer defended itself from Gartner’s recommendations to the company’s clients to stop using BlackBerry products within six months.

The technology research and advisory company recently released a report that was aimed to guide BlackBerry users. It was authored by Ken Dulaney, one of the in-house analysts of Gartner. His advices came as many BlackBerry clients raise concerns over the future of BlackBerry given the recent major blows that came its way.

The smartphone maker recently posted a second-quarter loss amounting to $965 million mostly due to lackluster sales of its new flagship Z10 device. At the same time, it has announced plans to lay off up to 4,500 of its 12,500-workfrouce by May next year. Lastly, it has agreed to sell itself to Toronto-based Fairfax Financial Holdings for $4.7 billion. Due diligence is ongoing and the deal is expected to be finalized by November 4.

Gartner report

The report was partly based on a poll of 400 business leaders and IT experts last month, prior to the series of bad news for the company. Up to 24% of the respondents said they now use BlackBerry devices and platform. That number is expected to drop to 9% by 2016.

Dulaney said he thinks a possible buyer of BlackBerry would just eventually split the company into divisions with the core business focused on wireless services. He expects the hardware business to be sold to another party, although it may not draw enough interest from possible bidders. It could possibly be disposed to the Canadian government or to another foreign government.

BlackBerry answers

As a response, BlackBerry has released a statement that counters the points raised by the recent Gartner report. It dismissed those views as ‘purely speculative.’ It reiterated that despite all the odds, it still aims to deliver the most powerful and most secure smartphones and mobile management solutions to its customers.

It emphasized that its BlackBerry 10 operating system remains as one of the most preferred platforms in the industry. It reminded its critics that the operating system is the only Enterprise Mobile Management software to gain ‘Authority to Operate’ on the Department of Defense Networks in the US. It assured its customers that the company would keep their trust.

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