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BlackBerry (BBRY) Finally Releases BBM for iOS and Android

BlackBerry (BBRY) Finally Releases BBM for iOS and Android


BlackBerry (BBRY) Finally Releases BBM for iOS and Android

BlackBerry Finally Releases BBM for iOS and AndroidThe long wait for BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in iOS and Android versions could finally be over. The well-anticipated and new app from BlackBerry Ltd would be rolled out through Apple Inc’s App Store and Google Inc’s Google Play today (October 21). It would even be available in Samsung app stores.

The app was originally set for a grand launch last September 21 for the Android version and September 22 for the iOS version. However, the Canadian smartphone manufacturer decided to delay the release after an unofficial or fake version of the program spread online, to the surprise of the company.

Preparation for launch

Back then, BlackBerry was overwhelmed because an unreleased version of its BBM for Android was downloaded by up to a million users in as fast as seven hours. At the same time, over a million people have also creatively and strategically devised ways to find and download BBM for their iPhones.

Last week, the company explained that it had to make sure all the fake versions would be eliminated before it launches the official BBM versions for both platforms. That was why it took some time for BBM app to be launched in both versions.

But as consumers waited, BlackBerry asked interested and potential users to sign up for unreleased information about the BBM apps. The company did so through its own Website. It successfully and overwhelmingly signed up over 6 million people for that initiative.

New rolling out system

Today, BlackBerry said it would implement a unique but effective system to make the roll out of both BBM apps smooth and hassle free. The company said it may grant access to the two apps possibly on a first-come-first-serve basis. Potential users should visit BBM’s site and install the program there. They would be asked to provide email addresses, where BlackBerry would communicate with them when their time to start using BBM comes.

BlackBerry first disclosed plans to launch free iOS and Android versions of BBM last May. An Android beta version was set up in August. The future of BBM seems blurred. That is because nobody could tell it if the company would drop tag prices or if it would have other mechanics to make participants win freebies. The technology firm is now busy trying to sell some of its businesses or the entire business to another party.

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