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BlackBerry Announces the End of Partnership with Alicia Keys

BlackBerry Announces the End of Partnership with Alicia Keys


BlackBerry Announces the End of Partnership with Alicia Keys

BlackBerry Announces the End of Partnership with Alicia KeysAlicia Keys is breaking up, not with a lover but with BlackBerry, which has been her partner for some projects for about a year now. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer has announced the completion of its ‘year-long collaboration’ with the Grammy-awardee music artist.

It was less than a year when the singer forged a deal with the company. That time, BlackBerry announced that Alicia would serve as its Global Creative Director. Among the roles assigned to her was the provision of creative direction to the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project that has attracted over 40 million unique visits since she handled it.

Alicia also represented BlackBerry in various advocacies particularly those focusing on women’s rights and welfare. She was also with the company in rolling out the BlackBerry Scholars Program. Of course, the partnership also served as an instant and assumed endorsement.

Thankful to Alicia

BlackBerry remained all praises about Alicia when it announced the end of the partnership. In a statement, the company expressed its gratitude to her for her numerous contributions to some of BlackBerry’s important social projects. It reiterated that it enjoyed the chance to work with a passionate and incredibly talented individual.

It should be noted that the time frame for the partnership between BlackBerry and Alicia was not indicated when the collaboration was announced last year. The company did not indicate if there was even a certain timeline for that deal. It simply announced that Alicia would be an important and official member of its team.

The departure of Alicia also comes after the ouster of former chief executive officer Thorstein Heins, who was the one who introduced her to the company. The ex-CEO was ousted from the phone maker after he took the blame for most of the failures and dismal results incurred by BlackBerry in the last few years.

Slight issue

Interestingly, the relationship between BlackBerry and Alicia was not always a bed of roses. It could be recalled that barely a month after their partnership was announced, a controversial tweet posted at her Twitter account was created from an iPhone. Instantly, Alicia insinuated that her account was hacked.

Later on, her spokesman told some reporters that the controversial tweet was created and posted during a time when Alicia was still making the transition from her iPhone to her new unit of the BlackBerry Z10. Obviously, it did not leave a sweet taste to BlackBerry’s mouth.

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