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BlackBerry 10 Reaches First Anniversary amid Challenges

BlackBerry 10 Reaches First Anniversary amid Challenges


BlackBerry 10 Reaches First Anniversary amid Challenges

BlackBerry 10 has just turned 1 year old. Many observers could not help but remember how the mobile operating system was launched with high hopes in downtown Manhattan a year ago. Back then, the troubled Canadian smartphone maker was already struggling to take a turnaround following dismal financial performances from its past product launches.

Now, we know that BlackBerry 10 was not a success. It failed to deliver expectations and it just did not help the company to improve its already declining status. In fact, the marketshare of the company has just officially reached zero this week.

BlackBerry 10 was touted as a modern and effective multitasking mobile operating system. It was supposed to be the best system from the company, which used to be a prime leader in the smartphone sector. Not surprisingly, many of the loyal BlackBerry users were so excited about it. But apparently, there were not too many of those loyal users.

Series of bad news

Bad news dominated at BlackBerry in the past year. There was a series of unfortunate events. The company had to write off about a billion dollars worth of Z10 smartphones that were actually not sold. The long anticipated and keyboarded unit Q10 incurred mediocre and not-so-good reviews.

To top those all, BlackBerry’s 5-inch Z30 smartphone has not been able to convince any carrier in the US to distribute it. This may be considered as a contrast to how BlackBerry Curve used to dominate each wireless network’s smartphone lineup.

BlackBerry 10’s cloudy future

Many analysts are now skeptical whether BlackBerry 10 would ever reach its second birthday. To them, even if it does not, that may not mean the end for the company. But most of them think that the last chance for the company could probably be the possibility of BlackBerry switching to Android. Some market observers believe that the company is more likely to do the switch before it becomes totally irrelevant.

Interestingly, the recent update of the OS, BlackBerry 10.2.1, enables BlackBerry devices to finally use Android apps. This is considered as a secret feature that the company may have intentionally opted not to disclose on its documentation and release notes for the update.

It turns out that BlackBerry may have been considering running Android apps for quite some time already. But such a feature could be processed only through the company’s BAR wrapper system. However, BlackBerry phones presently don’t facilitate Google services yet, although they might be getting closer to doing so. But at least, BlackBerry 10 users can now open and use Amazon Appstore. 

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