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BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime Update Rolled Out; Uninstall Bug Fixed

BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime Update Rolled Out; Uninstall Bug Fixed
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BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime Update Rolled Out; Uninstall Bug Fixed

BlackBerry, to save its handset business, has started bringing Android apps to BB10. Unfortunately, before Priv, nothing went in favor of the company. But there are still people who use old BB models. For them, here comes good news. BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime Update is finally being rolled out.

The Android Runtime app in BlackBerry 10 came with its own bugs and flaws. The bug used to uninstall Android apps from the BB devices. To fix this, last month, BlackBerry released an update. Unfortunately, the update came with its own problem. Android Runtime version stopped allowing BB10 users to uninstall any of the Android app from their smartphone. When users tried to uninstall any of the apps, only the icon used to disappear, the app did not.

With the latest BlackBerry 10 Android Runtime update, BlackBerry has finally been able to fix the bug. The latest update can be downloaded through the source link. To install the update, open the link on your BlackBerry browser. Make sure that your browser/link is not opened in the desktop mode. Once the installation of Android Runtime update is complete, restart your device. Check if you can now completely uninstall Android apps from your BB10 phone. If you have never faced any issue with Android Runtime, do not download the update.

BlackBerry 10, though is old, still have some people who use them. If you have been looking to buy a new Android phone, then BlackBerry Priv is the best option. This Android smartphone from BlackBerry has finally been a successful attempt in retaining customers. Android Runtime was a good attempt, but it did not work. Luckily, Priv has been able to bring Android + BB10 to you in a good packaging. So, in one device you get two things: the BlackBerry brand and the most popular operating system of today’s time – Android.

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