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Black Panther Movie New Teaser: Closer Look At Superhero’s Head Gear

Black Panther Movie New Teaser: Closer Look At Superhero’s Head Gear
Black Panther Wallpaper Bryan Ward / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Black Panther Movie New Teaser: Closer Look At Superhero’s Head Gear

The Black Panther suit is known for being one of the strongest costumes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Captain America: Civil War, the movie revealed that Chadwick Boseman’s suit was made of Vibranium.

The suit worn by Boseman in the recent MCU movie was appreciated by fans. Although the audience was keen on getting an in-depth look at the costume, the studio did not reveal more details.

Recently, Ironhead Studio decided to give us a look at the “3-D render of the panther helmet.” The small clip below is a model created for Russo Brother’s Captain America: Civil War.

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Earlier this week, Ironhead released maquette of The Flash and Cyborg costumes for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Fans can check it out here.

The Vibranium suit looks similar to Iron Man’s armor. However, the material is known for being capable of absorbing impact like bullets and explosion. In MCU, Captain America’s shield has been the only metal strong enough to handle the impact.

Currently, fans are expecting Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther movie. The MCU title is expected to release in 2018.

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So far, Michael B. Jordan has been confirmed to play the supervillain Erik Killmonger. Furthermore, there have been speculations that Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, will appear in the title. However, it has not announced officially yet.

Recently, actor Chadwick Boseman hinted that his upcoming standalone movie will be dark and “grittier” than previous MCU titles.

Boseman is also rumored to appear in Avengers: infinity War. While it’s likely the superhero will be part of the team, Marvel Studios has not revealed or confirmed it yet.

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