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Black Moon Rising: Time, Date, Astrology And Trivia To Know

Black Moon Rising: Time, Date, Astrology And Trivia To Know
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Black Moon Rising: Time, Date, Astrology And Trivia To Know

Moon enthusiasts are treated to many lunar wonders this month of September, including the rare phenomenon called the Black Moon.

But experts said that the term Black Moon is a misnomer as there’s really no such thing as a black moon. It is plainly the second New Moon in the same calendar month. It is extremely rare because New Moon usually happens only once in every calendar month.

Black Moon in Western Hemisphere

According to the website Space, this lunar event is expected to happen on September 30 at the Western Hemisphere. The exact time will be at 8:11 p.m. Eastern Time or 5:11 Pacific Time.

It is expected to take place past midnight on October 1 at the Eastern Hemisphere, including in Australia, most part of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

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Hence, it’s technically not considered a Black Moon in these parts of the world, but rather the first New Moon for the calendar month of October. But these places would have a Black Moon, or its second New Moon, right around Halloween, the Business Insider reported.

Next Black Moon

This lunar event happens every 32 months and the last time it did occur was in March 2014. Black Moon is also the term given when there are no new moons in a calendar month.

Bob Berman, an astronomer for Slooh, told the Business Insider that this typically happens in February every five to 10 years.

“The phrase could also mean the third new moon when there are four in a season, which is actually also one of the definitions of a Blue Moon when the same thing happens to a full moon,” Bernan was quoted as saying by the Business Insider.

The next time two New Moons happen in the same calendar month will be in July of 2019.

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