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New York Fashion Week: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Campaign Takes Day 2 By Storm

New York Fashion Week: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Campaign Takes Day 2 By Storm
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New York Fashion Week: ‘Black Lives Matter’ Campaign Takes Day 2 By Storm

A silent protest by Black Lives Matter, a group of men and women shook Day 2 of the New York Fashion Week: Men’s at Syklight Clarkson Square in New York on Monday.

The group were protesting the atrocities and police excesses committed towards African Americans. Stylist and blogger Hannah Stoudemire led the Black Lives Matter protest during the fashion week.

The silent protesters raised their hands and walked to the venue and then just stood there and let their T-shirts and banners, send their message across loud and clear.

The group consisted of more than a dozen protestors who joined to shine the light on #BlackLivesMatter at the fashion week. The fashion industry is in itself fraught with racism and a handful of incidents in the recent past involving big brands and fashion designers, Teen Vogue reported.

“I just want the fashion industry and people in general — the majority of the people represented here today — to acknowledge us. I say this time and time again: they acknowledge black culture, they use it to their advantage, use it on the runways,” said Stoudemire.

She added that if the industry does not want to acknowledge them, then they should not “take our stuff, don’t walk to our music, don’t acknowledge us at all.”

However, the stylist and blogger was irked by the fact that the fashion industry “take our culture when it’s convenient to you, and then don’t acknowledge when we’re dying in the street.”

Stoudemire added that coming from within the industry she knew that none of the designers really cared about Black Lives Matter, leave alone condole death of people. Not many celebs have come forward to show their support to the movement publicly, apart from Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian.

“Fashion loves controversy, for sure, but it has to be the right kind,” said an editor on context of anonymity, speaking to Mashable.

Meanwhile, within a few hours after the protest, Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and Steven Kolb gave their support to the Black Lives Matter movement. The CFDA took to social media and shared a picture from the protest.

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