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Black Friday Deals: Walmart Sells ‘iPad Mini 2’ 16GB For $199

Black Friday Deals: Walmart Sells ‘iPad Mini 2’ 16GB For $199
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Black Friday Deals: Walmart Sells ‘iPad Mini 2’ 16GB For $199

Walmart is offering whopping discounts on iPad mini 2 for the holiday season. Get the details of Black Friday Deals 2015 here.

Holiday season is here. And so is the season of deals. To offer you discounts this festive season, Walmart is running a Holiday Rollbacks online sale. You will be happy to know that in its first “Black Friday deal,” it has announced iPad Mini 2 16 GB for $199.

This looks like one of the best deals you can grab today, as you are not saving $10 or $20, but $70 on an iPad Mini 2. Isn’t that an irresistible deal? Last year, Walmart offered iPad Mini for $199 with a $30 gift card. As time passes, this deal might just get better.

Speaking about all the deals Walmart is offering, COO of the company, Judith McKenna, said,

“I want customers to be in awe when they see what we have to offer as they walk into our stores or click around our site. Our managers have made a lot of progress to improve the shopping experience before the holidays and our merchants made sure we have the right products in stock. We’re delivering the prices customers expect, but we’ve taken it up a notch. Our Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and will be a powerful combination for customers this holiday season — trust me.”

Along with iPad Mini 2, there are other Apple products featured in the Black Friday 2015 sale. Some of them are:

iPod touch 16GB 5th generation : $159.99

iPod shuffle 2GB : $39

iPad nano 16GB : $134.99

Before buying any of the Apple products from Walmart, we recommend you to have a closer look at the details. Most of the products listed are not the latest versions. Walmart is also offering discounts on other products like laptops, TVs and more. Go check out the deals yourself before time runs out.

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