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‘Black Friday 2015’: Do Not Buy These Products

‘Black Friday 2015’: Do Not Buy These Products
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‘Black Friday 2015’: Do Not Buy These Products

This holiday season, Black Friday 2015 deals are everywhere. Don’t blindly fall for discounts, and avoid spending on these items.

Black Friday deals are here. Almost every retailer is offering small and heavy discounts on smartphones, furniture, TV, laptops and more.

Times like these, buyers are bound to get confused about what to buy and what not to buy. Here are the things to skip while shopping this holiday season so you can make the most out of Black Friday deals.

This might sound a little weird but avoid spending on 4K TV. You may say that this is the latest technology and that it is foolish not to buy it when retailers are selling it cheap. It is the latest technology, yes, but this is where the problem lies. There is not enough content available for a 4K TV set. By next year, there will be. While you sit with your new 4K TV, the technology will undergo further advancement. So it is wise to save money and get a better TV set with lots of content next year.

Also, avoid buying smartphone accessories like chargers, selfie sticks and phone cases. High-end PCs, newly launched products and non-branded tablets are other products you should not purchase unless you are left with no other options. Why? You can find smartphone accessories cheap online all the time. There is no such thing as special Black Friday offers on these products. So if “x-percent off” is what tempts you, think twice. Buy something else instead.

As for high-end products, you will find better prices during summer. It is advisable to wait till prices go down. With newly launched products, the scenario is no different. Even when you are getting the product at a discounted price, you are paying a high price for a gadget not yet properly tried and tested. There are many new gadgets from reputed brands that have been receiving complaints since they reached customers.

As for non-branded tablets, they will definitely come at lower prices compared to branded ones. But why not add a few dollars and go for brands like Amazon and Samsung, so you can be sure of quality?

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