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Blac Chyna Solemnly Swear To Love Rob Kardashian On His Father’s Grave

Blac Chyna Solemnly Swear To Love Rob Kardashian On His Father’s Grave
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Blac Chyna Solemnly Swear To Love Rob Kardashian On His Father’s Grave

Since Blac Chyna will never get to know the American attorney and businessman father of Rob Kardashian, the TV personality has taken the emotional step of bringing his soon-to-be wife Chyna to his dad’s grave in Inglewood, CA.

With his life changing for the better these days, Rob suddenly felt emotional and remembered his father. Hollywood Life learned from a source that, “In what was a sentimental and very emotional afternoon, Rob recently took Blac to his father’s grave. It was just the two of them. Rob wanted his father to know that he’s all good and wanted his blessing to marry Blac. It was so touching.”

The insider added that the time Rob and his fiance were at the grave site, the famous couple told Rob’s dad how much in love they are. Moreover, when Rob and Chyna talked about funny stories about their romance, Rob felt his dad’s presence and want to let him know that he realy wants him to marry the American model and entrepreneur.

In another Hollywood Life report, Rob and Chyna stayed at the gravesite for about an hour. Chyna was reportedly emotional as well. She promised Rob’s dad that his son is in good hands. Chyna kissed a rose, then left it on the grave.  She then told Rob’s dad not to worry about his son, because she’s going to love and take good care of him forever.

In a related news, People magazine reported that Chyna seemed to be back in the good graces of the Kardashian’s prominent family. The video vixen and Rob were also spotted on Tuesday going out with the actress, businesswoman and model Kim Kardashian West, as they went to Kim’s OBGYN.

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