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Bizarre Balls Of Worms Appear In Texas Park

Bizarre Balls Of Worms Appear In Texas Park
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Bizarre Balls Of Worms Appear In Texas Park

Park Rangers at Eisenhower State Park were baffled to find spaghetti-looking balls of worms on the back roads of the park in Denison, Texas. The phenomenon has became all the more bizarre because the yarns of worms were lined up in a straight line, with one ball perfectly spaced after the other.

Even biologist were puzzled

“We’re still puzzled why they decided to line up in the middle of the road. Even our biologist doesn’t know why they’re spaced so well and in the line,” Park Superintendent Ben Herman told ABC News.

Park rangers theorized that waters from torrential rains that hammered the state in May might have forced the worms out in the road which is logically drier. And in order to survive the greater impact of rain waters on the ground, the worms might have instinctively curled up together in balls.

The worms have stayed for the next two days until the weather is much drier. Herman said that no other parks in the state reported sighting of similar phenomenon.

Encounters with various wildlife is common after floods

According to biologists working with the Texas parks and Wildlife Department or TPWD, encounters with different wildlife are common after flooding events. Texas received 35 trillion gallons of rains in May, according to the National Weather service.

People should exercise common sense precautions at this time, TPWD advised.

“People should be aware that snakes and other wildlife, including skunks and raccoons, may approach or enter yards and houses where they do not normally occur. Over time, displaced wildlife will return to their usual habitats.” Andy Gluesenkamp, a herpetologist with TPWD, said in a statement.

“A snake in the yard is not a cause for panic. They don’t want to be there, either, and if left alone will usually leave on their own. You’re more likely to come upon a skunk, a mound of fire ants or a wasp nest in a brushpile than a venomous snake. If you do have an encounter with a problem snake, seek help from local animal control or licensed snake removal experts,” Gluesenkamp said.


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