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BitTorrent Rolls out Guerilla Marketing Campaign for Freedom across Web

BitTorrent Rolls out Guerilla Marketing Campaign for Freedom across Web


BitTorrent Rolls out Guerilla Marketing Campaign for Freedom across Web



Many residents in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York may already be wondering about the minimalist billboards that have been scattered all over their cities. Messages like “Artists need to play by the rules” and “The Internet should be regulated” should be calling attention.

Logically, those statements are not just odd but are also representing what could be considered as assault on freedom across the Internet. Interestingly, for some analysts, those statements also represent common attitudes that the modern Internet culture has learned to accept.

BitTorrent is a wide accepted protocol that supports the practice of file sharing among peers online. The Website has gotten more vocal and more aggressive on its fight to help make sure Web freedom is upheld in this age. That is why it has come up with a guerilla marketing campaign that aims for that goal. Yes, those bothering billboards came from BitTorrent.

Strategic ads

So why would BitTorrent disseminate messages that are against its principles? In a statement, the Website said those statements are the things it wants to change in most Internet users. The campaign, it reiterated, intends to remind the online population around the globe that the World Wide Web is all about the choices that would be decided on not by governments but by the users.

After taking responsibility for those billboards, BitTorrent has started revising the messages. Now, many would notice that the original billboards are somehow revamped. As expected, the controversial statements undergo a makeover or a major revision. For instance, a billboard that says “Your data should belong to the NSA” has the last two words in the statement (the NSA) scribbled and replaced with the word “you.”

Reminder to online users

BitTorrent hopes it could remind the people that the Internet should not function as a tool for control of anyone. Instead, the Web should always serve as a platform that encourages and facilitates freedom and innovation. Through this goal, the Website hopes it could help make the online world free and open for changes and for creativity.

To date, BitTorrent’s billboards seem to be all over. But the group refused to reveal how much it spent to launch the campaign. But in another statement, it disclosed that the concept, the creative design, as well as the execution of all billboards and ads were all performed and rolled out by its own in-house ad team.

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