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BitTorrent Produces Original Content

BitTorrent Produces Original Content


BitTorrent Produces Original Content

BitTorrent is producing its original video content as it entered an exclusive partnership with Rapid Eye Studios. The original offerings will be released through a BitTorrent Bundle platform, the BitTorrent Originals.

The first original content for release from BitTorrent will be the Children of the Machine. The first of its eight 60-minute episodes is set for release in late 2015 and is to be launch for free. Shooting begins in spring. Marco Weber, CEO of Rapid Eye Studios, and Jeff Stockwell will write the script and will also be the Executive Producers. BitTorrent is expecting for its first episode to reach 60-80 million viewers across the world.

“This landmark deal with Marco is a major milestone for us and an aggressive expansion into the media space for BitTorrent,” Eric Klinker, CEO for BitTorrent, wrote in a blog.

Klinker said that BitTorrent has evolved to become a trusted and valid channel creators and publishers to be watch by 170 million fans from all over the globe.

“Expanding into the world of original content is a move that make us a serious player in the media business, and take us another step closer toward our goal: creating a sustainable digital future for creators of all kinds,” Klinker wrote.

From BitTorrent’s launch in 2013, users have streamed or downloaded content from the site, BitTorrent’s Chief Content Officer Matt Mason said. Weber’s vision of how far its original content can reach in the future will change the entire business, he marvelled.

“Others in the original content space such as Amazon Prime, Netfilx and Hulu have made great progress, but we are starting out with a big advantage: We have a larger audience than all of those platforms combined,” Mason said.

BitTorrent and Rapid Eye Studios have already negotiated with advertisers for sponsorship, advertising and brand integration during streaming of the BitTorrent Originals.

BitTorrent Originals will be launched exclusively via BitTorrent’s Bundle platform for 30 to 60 days. After the 30-60 day period, the content will be available across different distribution channels.


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