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Bitdefender, Norton and Kaspersky Top Latest Antivirus Test

Bitdefender, Norton and Kaspersky Top Latest Antivirus Test


Bitdefender, Norton and Kaspersky Top Latest Antivirus Test

Bitdefender Norton and Kaspersky Top Latest Antivirus TestNorton, Kaspersky and Bitdefender stood out from all other antivirus software in the market. This was based on the results of a recent antivirus test, which was released by German laboratory AV-Test.

Researchers at AV-Test evaluated more than 20 antivirus products from all around the world that are constantly under observation. The group collates and reports the results of their tests every several months. The latest results tested 64-bit editions of the software products under Windows 7 operating system.

To many observers, independent antivirus tests like this one is just as important as crash tests for cars. The study gives consumers ideas about how antivirus products perform in risky situations without users actually having to get into those occurrences.

Criteria for scoring

Logically, AV-Test followed criteria that involved three main factors: protection, performance, and usability. The group had gathered new malware samples and determined if the antivirus products identified and blocked risks. The detection-rate test uses typical malware.

To test performance, the researchers measured impact of each antivirus product on system performance. Logically, the less impact a product has, the greater is its score in this aspect. The group calculated impact while doing common user activities like online browsing, copying of data, and installation and running of programs.

Usability dealt with possible problems that may be caused by antivirus protection. Researchers simply visited safe Websites. As they did so, they noted if antivirus products erroneously blocked access to those sites. Programs that identified safe sites as malicious lost points.

For an antivirus product to receive AV-Test certification for the latest period, it needed to generate a total score of about 10 points or more. There should be at least a single point in each of those three categories. In the recent study, all the tested products got certification although some of them truly outpaced the others.

Test results

As of the latest results from AV-Test, Bitdefender has beaten all its competitors. It generated 17.5 points based on the criteria described. Both Norton and Kaspersky generated around 17 points, making them take the backseat from Bitdefender.

Norton was in an interesting instance. That was because the study included static detection. The company’s designers don’t usually approve static malware detection tests for undisclosed reasons. Despite this, Norton still gained high scores. It could have easily topped the list if its static detection factor would be included in the results.

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