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Bing gets Bitcoin rate conversion

Bing gets Bitcoin rate conversion


Bing gets Bitcoin rate conversion

A tussle between Google and Bing has been there for a long time, both of them want to reach peak position among search engines. Bing has got edge on google by introducing Bitcoin conversion in Bing search.

Google and Bing have been providing a converter application in their research services for a long time. These converters help you converting one currency into other where exchange rates are updated daily according to International conversion rates. You can compare pound to euro, euro to Dinar, etc. Just to check the difference between all currencies. Bitcoin is a digital currency, which offers lowest charges while transacting money internationally. Bing has taken initiative to introduce digital money in the virtual world while other companies are still thinking about their stance on Bitcoin. Google still hasn’t given a thought about Bitcoin conversion, and Bitcoin is still illegal in Apple’s world (that means Apple still won’t be supporting any app that involves trading or conversion in Bitcoin or any other digital money).

Bitcoin convertor seems to be a small addition in search API but that puts an end to Bitcoin enthusiasts’ misery for making it a legitimate trading currency. They believe that trade in Bitcoin will take over the whole market in near future. Bitcoin convertor works directly in Bing search by typing in the amount (you have or you need to convert) and get Bitcoin amount just by a click.

Microsoft still has not shown any definite opinion about showing further details about Bitcoin or supporting purchases online using Bitcoin (not even for digital products like Xbox apps or for Microsoft Application store). Microsoft’s spoke stated “We are focusing on the conversion of Bitcoin at this time and don’t have anything else to share.” Microsoft’s cofounder William Bill gates shared his opinion about digital currency especially Bitcoin on Reddit today. “Digital money has low transaction costs, which are great for the poor because they need to do financial transactions with small amounts of money.

Over the next 5 years, digital money is likely to catch on in India and parts of Africa and help the poorest a lot.”

Bitcoin convertor has been launched for fewer countries initially including Australia, India, Canada, UK and the US. Convertor services will be available for all over the world in the upcoming weeks. All eyes on Bitcoin for introducing convertors for other digital currencies like Litecoin and Dogecoin.

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