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‘Billy Bat’ Manga Nears Final Chapters

‘Billy Bat’ Manga Nears Final Chapters
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‘Billy Bat’ Manga Nears Final Chapters

Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki’s critically acclaimed manga “Billy Bat” will end after three chapters.

The announcement was made via Kodansha’s Morning magazine. The presumed date of the manga’s last chapter is slated to release on August 18, provided that there will be no delays. It should be noted that Urasawa and Nagasaki have already announced the manga will enter its final story arc back in January this year.

As Anime News Network points out, Billy Bat has fallen victim to notorious delays. During the last two years, the title has experienced multiple delays. A hiatus began on October 2015, and another from May to August the same year.

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Urusawa, creator of praise-worthy manga series Monster (1994-2001) and 20th Century Boys (1999-2006), launched Billy Bat in Morning magazine back in October of 2008. Nagasaki serves as a collaborator for the story.

Billy Bat tells the thrilling tale of Kevin Yamagata, a manga artist in 1949 who finds himself swept by the tides of intrigue after returning to Japan to pinpoint the source of one of his famous characters, Billy Bat.

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