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Bill Nye Documentary Announced On Kickstarter

Bill Nye Documentary Announced On Kickstarter
Bill Nye at Tech | 8 Will Folsom / Flickr CC BY 2.0


Bill Nye Documentary Announced On Kickstarter

With the help of funding from fans, you may be able to catch Bill Nye the Science Guy in the movies soon. And what the documentary film will provide will be a whole lot more than knowledge. Instead, “The Bill Nye Film” will give an unrestricted access to Bill Nye as he “advocates for space policy in Washington DC, launches a satellite, hangs out with Neil deGrasse Tyson, debates climate change deniers, and attempts to fill the big shoes of his former mentor and friend Carl Sagan — all at a time when science is under attack.”

Filmmakers David Alvarado and Jason Sussberg will be directing the film. They are huge fans of Bill Nye from way back (middle school years). For them, Bill Nye was the reason they passionately learned everything about science and technology including the ecosystem and the color spectrum. All these things and more, they learned while going over Bill Nye the Science Guy’s VHS tapes.

Meanwhile, Disney Educational Productions is actually celebrating 20 years of science with Bill right now. And the company is offering some of Bill’s most unforgettable episodes in DVD including the Safety Smart Series that covers “Renewable Energy,” “Electricity,” “Fire!” as well as “Germs & Your Health.”

Disney is also offering two of Bill Nye’s Adventures in Algebra series including “Solving for X Pre-Algebra, Volume 1” and “Solving for X Algebra 1, Volume 1.” In addition, Disney has also launched the Bill Nye 20th Anniversary App of Science that can be downloaded on iTunes.

Bill Nye the Science Guy has done 100 episodes and has earned Emmy awards including several for Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series, Outstanding Writing in a Children’s Series as well as Outstanding Children’s Series over the years.

Meanwhile, film directors Alvarado and Sussberg are best known for their 2014 hit documentary “The Immortalists,” about two biologists trying to cure aging.

Having met in Standford University while working on their MFA’s in Documentary Film and Video, the two decided to put up Structure Films. It is a production company dedicated to making documentary films about science health and technology.

Producing the “The Bill Nye Film” is Seth Gordon who is known for films such as “King of Kong” and “Undefeated.” Gordon is also joined by producer Nick Pampenella as well as co-producer Kate McLean.

“The Bill Nye Film” Kickstarter Campaign will be running for 30 more days. The campaign hopes to raise $650,000.

To date, it has earned 584 backers who have pledged a total of $34,238. Alvarado and Sussberg actually detailed the expenses they are going to have in the making of the film.

They said, “We need to raise the funds to travel with Bill, buy plane tickets and crash in cheap hotels. We need to find and license the best moments from Bill’s storied career in television — including ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy,’ as well as the lesser known classics like ‘Bill’s Basement’ and ‘Almost Live!’ Then, we need to hire an amazing team for post-production, including an editor, sound designer, animator, composer and colorist. Finally, we need to send it to film festivals and get it out into the world.”

You can watch their presentation on Kickstarter here:

A pledge will cost you a minimum of $5. On the other hand, if you decide to pledge $10,000, the filmmakers guarantee an Associate Producer credit in the film or the opportunity for Bill Nye to become your teacher in school for one class.

Meanwhile, Bill Nye, who is also the Chief Executive Officer of The Planetary Society has also recently managed to raise $1,241,615 on Kickstarter to be able to launch “a low cost solar sail into the cosmos” known as LightSail. The primary mission is set for 2016 and with the right funds, Alvarado and Sussberg hope to be able to film the launch.

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