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Bill, Hillary Clinton Agreeing To DNA Testing Of Danney Williams, Report

Bill, Hillary Clinton Agreeing To DNA Testing Of Danney Williams, Report
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Bill, Hillary Clinton Agreeing To DNA Testing Of Danney Williams, Report

In a latest interview, Danney Williams asked for a DNA test to prove that he is the love child of Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s husband and former president.

In the video, Williams talked about how his facial parts looked exactly like Bill Clinton’s. He said that his eyes, chin, ears, and everything else look like the former president’s.

Williams stated that when he brushed his hair down, he starts to look like Clinton in his early days. Danney stated that when people look at him, they feel like looking at a “black Bill Clinton.”

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Danney said in the Facebook video that he always feel bad about the fact that Hillary Clinton’s husband was not in his life. However, he said he can’t ‘t figure out the reason for Bill’s absence.

The most heartbreaking part of the video is where Danney refers the racial slavery. He says that when a white man bore a child with a black enslaved woman, the actual wife would banish the child from the plantation.

“What century is this? It just wasn’t right.,” Danney said.

Danney stated that he read history, and he felt like a slave child. He opened up about how his mother Bobbi Williams was threatened, intimidated and physically ambushed.

Danney talked about how his mother used to receive Christmas presents delivered by state troopers, and he thought Bill was really trying to be part of his life. But the gifts stopped after Bill Clinton became the president. He also opened up about the DNA test results published on Star magazine. He said there was no DNA test, and the results were faked; the tabloid owner was a donor and close ally of Bill Clinton.

“I would love see the DNA test done,” Williams said.

“Several times I had reached out to the Clintons. People said you’re gonna get yourself killed, dealing with the Clintons.”

On Twitter as well, Danney is appealing for people to share that video until it reaches Bill Clinton.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Danney refuted the notion that he was coming forward for political reasons. Williams has been claiming that his mother met Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill when she was working on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas.

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