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Bill Cosby Removed From DC Mural

Bill Cosby Removed From DC Mural
Image from Madison Police Department

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Bill Cosby Removed From DC Mural

At one point, Bill Cosby was the most loved comedian in America, but after numerous sexual assault cases it seems like those days are long gone. His image has been tainted so much that he was removed from a high profile mural in Washington DC. This shows how far this star has fallen, and it looks like an even bigger downhill slope from there.

The LA Times have confirmed that Cosby was replaced by former president of the United States Barack Obama and his wife, former first lady Michelle Obama. Superstar athlete Muhammad Ali, actress and DC native Taraji Henson and acclaimed comedian Dave Chappelle have also replaced the disgraced actor. Cosby had been removed since January, and was replaced with John Wall and Bradley Beal from the Washington Wizards.

It wasn’t just the DC mural that removed Bill Cosby, as Philadelphia has also erased his image from a similar mural. However, the DC one might have been closer to Bill, since he actually visited the restaurant where the mural was. The restaurant in question is Ben’s Chili Bowl Restaurant, a lace Cosby often frequented when an event took place.

Ben’s decided to have an open vote in regards to replacing Bill Cosby in the mural, giving audiences the chance to vote for six new faces. The Obamas were the only ones to return, since they were next to Cosby in the previous image of the mural, along with DJ Donnie Simpson and Chuck Brown.

Cosby’s numerous sexual assault cases led to a trial, which ended in a mistrial last week, further adding controversy. The numerous assault charges resulted in the cancellation of a sitcom he was supposed to be the star of. Bill himself has gone on numerous rants about the case, claiming that the victims were willing to have sexual experiences with him, despite admitting that he drugged them.

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